About Us

The Iranian languages constitute the western group of the larger Indo-Iranian family. Despite a plethora of and an incredibly potential groundwork for Iranian languages, due attention has not thus far been given to this branch of Indo-European languages. Given the ever-increasing importance of linguistic typology and its inseparable connection with language documentation, the Endangered Iranian Languages Research Group (EILRG) attempts to pursue the following key objectives:

  • To convene linguists and researchers specializing in language documentation from the country and abroad to head up fieldwork as regards endangered Iranian languages.
  • To provide opportunities for younger linguists and scholars to conduct fieldwork, document as many endangered languages as possible, and archive their documentary collections.
  • To promote collaboration with national as well as international academic organizations, institutes and universities for the preservation of language legacies in Iran.
  • To engage the affiliated linguists and researchers with data description and analyses and encourage them to present and publish their investigative findings and results in journals and conferences within the country and globally.
  • To create a data repository of endangered languages and provide conditioned accessibility.
  • To hold workshops and lectures within the objectives of the project.